Time required for bi-weekly customers

1.5 hrs with two cleaners and hrs  one cleaner                                                         700 sqft home with 1 bathdroom

2 -hrs with two  cleaners and  hrs for one cleaner                                                    1500 sqft home with 2 bathrooms

2.5 -hrs with two cleaners and 5 hrs for one cleaner                                                    3000 sqft home 3 bathrooms   

3 -hrs with two cleaners and  hrs for one cleaner                                                       5000 sqft home with 4 bathrooms


Time required for first time, one -time customer

2.5 -4 hrs with two cleaners                                                                                           700 sqft home with 1 bathroom

3 -5 hrs with two cleaners                                                                                              1500sqft home with 2 bathrooms

4 -6 hrs with two cleaners                                                                                              3000 sqft home with 3 bathrooms

5 -7 hrs with two leaners                                                                                                5000 sqft home with 4 bathrooms



*The estimated number of hours are rarely enough to complete the first service. Cleaner Kings  professional maids can only guarantee the quality of work completed.

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*Tax free and choose to pay according to the budget for below service charge could not avail cleaning service free stated in the special offer.

* Tell us your budget, and if we agree, it is our pleassure to serve you.