Free And Discount Special :  expired 2011.

Option 1:  (for $88 /3hr cleaning)

10th cleaning -50% discount for weekly cleaning service

20th cleaning -Free cleaning Service for weekly cleaning service

13th cleaning- 50% discount for bi weekly cleaning service

24th cleaning -Free cleaning service for bi weekly service

12th cleaning -free cleaning service for monthly cleaning service


Option 2: valid February 8 to August 5 2020

regular price for your first cleaning and 50% off for the 2nd cleaning visit with minimum of 3 hrs cleaning.

 Add $30.00 after 3 hrs of cleaning.




      Referral customers only

      25% discount first visit


      Move In/Out Package tax included

    $320 for 1 bedroom apartment condo & bachelor studio for 7 hrs of cleaning.

     $450 for  2 bedroom apartment, condo for 10 of hrs of cleaning.

     $540 for 3 bedroom apartment, condo for 12 hrs of cleaning.