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Trusted professional maids.  Home                                                                  We provide a variety of professional commercial                            we perform construction cleaning services ,

cleaning service for new and occupied homes .                                                  cleaning services  offered 6 days a week for offices                      preoccupancy cleaning and new  construction.

Serving Surrey, whiterock, Langley and                                                               banks, restaurants/pubs, car dealerships  and all                           

Delta Bc Canada . Don't miss our special offers.                                                    other commercial businesses.





          • Clean all countertops                                                                              
        • Wipe off tables & chairs                                                                             
        • Clean outside of all appliances                                                                
        • Clean inside microwaves                                                                           
        • Clean top of stoves                                                                              
            • Clean sinks and faucets                                                                            
        • Spot clean cabinet exteriors                                                                     
        • Vacuum & mop floors                                                                         


        • Spot clean cabinet exterior
        • Spot clean walls
        • Dust light fixtures w/ in reach
        • Shine mirrors & chrome
        • Vacuum and sanitize floors
        • Clean & sanitize counter & sink
        • Clean & sanitize shower & tub
        • Clean & sanitize toilet



        • Vacuum floor surface                                                                            
        • Empty trash                                                                                           
        • Remove cobwebs                                                                                  
        • Clean sliding glass doors ( one set included with standard cleaning)   
        • Spot clean light switch plates                                                                
        • Tidy rooms                                                                                             
        • Dust windowsills                                                                                    
        • Dust all furnishings & decorative items within reach                               
        • Dust ceiling fans within reach                                                                

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